About PhysTech School

Phystech School is a specialized online tutoring center, affiliated with the Department of Physics and Technology,  Kharkiv National University — a famous school of professional theoretical and experimental nuclear physicists. We teach only Math and Physics.  PhysTech School creates a platform for talented young scientists to share their knowledge, and makes high quality Math and Physics education accessible to everyone.

Popular subjects

General Tutor:

  • Mathematics Tutor: arithmetics, algebra, geometry (2D, 3D), trigonometry, combinatorics, statistics, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra etc.
  • Physics Tutor: Mechanics, thermal phenomena and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, vibrations and waves, relativistic physics, optics;

Exam and test preparation:

  • High school, college-level and graduate classes;
  • Standardized tests: US&International (ACT, SAT, GRE General/subject, etc.), Russian (ЕГЭ, ОГЭ и др.), Ukrainian (ЗНО, ДПА и др.), Kazakh (ЕНТ, КТ, ГИА);

Homework help:

Any Mathematics- or Physics-related classes.

Preparation for olympiads and tournaments:

Up to International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) or International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

Principles of teaching

Teaching from the ground up. To make learning easier, it’s important to master fundamentals first. That’s why before the first lesson with a new student, our tutor:

– reviews the material that the student is currently studying at school or university;

– prepares a list of the topics the student needs to know in order to master the current material.

During lessons, our tutor:

– checks if the student has any gaps in these topics;

– if yes, explains the needed concepts and gives the student tasks to let him or her digest these concepts. 

Usually, only after that the tutor proceeds to the material the student is currently having at school or university. Exceptions are made for cases when a student needs urgent help – for example, to prepare for a test in a week.

Simple explanations. We explain in simple words to ensure the student fully understands the new material. 

Examples from real life. Students understand and memorize new information easier, when it’s possible to connect it with everyday experiences. That is why we usually explain new concepts with vivid real world examples.

Constant practice. After any theoretical explanation we either ask a student to solve a problem to reinforce the learning, or solve that problem together. This approach helps both the student to better understand new material, and the tutor to check how the student has digested it. 


Results of T-shirts raffle

On March 30, 2019 we performed a raffle of T-shirts among participants of online contests “Phystech School 2019” and its Russian version “Школа Физтеха 2019”. List of winners: Participants of “Phystech School 2019” Janina Cupp, Concord, MA, U.S.A. Daneel Nizamov, Calgary, AB, Canada Nubaira Milki, Toronto, ON, Canada Dora Su, Toronto, ON, Canada Participants of …


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